One of the first questions we get asked here at WebKraft regarding website design is: “what is the cost of a website?” The reality is that the cost of your website will entirely depend on your budget. In this article we will talk about the different costs involved when building a website and show the various types of websites you can get with your budget.

The three tools you will need to build a website

When building a website there are 3 core components that you will need. Even if you are on a budget you can still build a great website due to the large amount of tools available online.

  1. Website Builder
  2. Web Hosting
  3. Domain Name

1. Website Builder

When it comes to building your website there are a lot of different website builders that you can use. We recommend WordPress due to the large amount of customisation it allows. WordPress is relatively straightforward to use and there are a lot of free tutorials and learning resources to help get you started. Additionally, WordPress plugins allow a huge amount of customisation to your website.

WordPress is completely free to use and is open-source. If you are just getting started out we recommend that you choose a nice WordPress theme and use a template to help build your website.

Wordpress dashboard showing the themes page

2. Web Hosting

When it comes to delivering your website to visitors or customers you will need some kind of web hosting to do this. Web hosting is where you will store all the files, images and videos related to your website where they will then be presented to your visitors.

There is a large variety of different web hosting options from VPS Hosting, WordPress Hosting, Managed Hosting, Dedicated Hosting and many more. If you’re just getting started out though, we would recommend picking an affordable VPS server or WordPress Hosting. This will cost anywhere between £5-£15 per month to get started depending on which one you choose.

VPS hosting is generally better since you are not sharing server resources with everyone else. You are allocated a specific amount of resources which only you have access too on the server. WordPress hosting or shared hosting is cheaper since there are more websites packed onto the same server.

If you are more tech-savvy we would recommend VPS Hosting from DigitalOcean. However, DigitalOcean will require knowledge on how to manage and update your server so would require more knowledge on that. The cost of a DigitalOcean Droplet starts at $5 per month (around £3).

DigitalOcean website hosting for wordpress

If you are just getting started we would recommend a managed hosting solution from GoDaddy. This is pretty cheap at only £3 per month for the first year and then £6 when you renew. GoDaddy will also give you a free domain for the first year as well which is a great deal!

Domain Name

As mentioned before, if you go for the GoDaddy hosting you will get a free domain for a year. However, if you decide to buy this yourself, we would recommend using Namecheap for buying your domains over GoDaddy. It is typically cheaper and they often have a good deal for your first year. If the domain name you want has NOT been taken before then the cost is relatively inexpensive at around £5-£20 per year depending on what you want. However, sometimes domains can sell for thousands if someone has the name you want!

Hiring an agency to build your website

If you want a professional website then hiring an agency will allow you to design a site that resonates with your brand. Typically, you will still need to pay for your own hosting and domain names. The agency will only charge for designing and developing the website.

The cost of this will once again depend on your budget, complexity of the website and what features you want in the website. If you hire an agency to build a very simplistic website that showcases your business then this could start from £500+ depending on the experience of the agency. More complex websites can start to cost thousands if there are many pages or if you want eCommerce functionality.

The best thing to keep in mind when hiring an agency is whether the cost of hiring them will be returned from the sales or extra clients you get from your website. If you get a high ROI (return on investment) then it is worthwhile hiring an agency or otherwise we would recommend using a website builder as we suggested previously.

Additional costs – Website security

We highly recommend that you encrypt traffic to and from your website using https. This can be done using an SSL certificate. If you opt for the GoDaddy hosting you will need to pay around £50 extra for this. However, if you decided to host the server using a VPS such as DigitalOcean then you can get a free SSL certificate from LetsEncrypt, which is what we use!

Conclusion – Overall cost of a website

So we have covered the different paths you can take to build a website. If you are going to design the website yourself here are the estimates to find what the cost of a website is:Hosting – £60 per year

  • Hosting – £60 per year
  • Domain – £20 per year
  • Design – Free (Designing it yourself!)
  • SSL Certificate – Free to £50 per year.

This gives us a total cost of £80 – £130 per year if you decide to do it yourself.

If you opt to hire a web design agency then you will have to account for that cost as well. We recommend that you contact a website agency that is in your country (such as us!) and get a quote from them to see if it worth the investment. Otherwise there are some great tools out there to use at your disposal such as WordPress!

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